Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee Announces Virtual Summit Series Featuring Industry Luminaries

Dr. Vint Cerf, Google and Dr. Ken Washington, Ford Motor Company to lead series on how COVID-19 amplified need for diversifying, strengthening, and preparing the Internet infrastructure for times of crisis as well as exponential organic future growth

ASHBURN, VA (May 12, 2020) – In response to increasing global demand for high performance, low risk, and geographically diverse Internet for interconnection requirements, the Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC) today announced an upcoming Virtual Summit Series featuring notable industry leaders.

The IEIC Virtual Summit Series will address key considerations for enterprise and government leaders in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic currently reshaping our society into a global, remote workforce. As we have all come to rely on the Internet for productivity and entertainment during this time of uncertainty and social distancing, it is important, now more than ever, that we pause to reflect on how the Internet is currently constructed as well as its protection for future generations.

The IEIC has recognized the exponential increase in bandwidth utilization over the past few months as a unique opportunity for reflection, education, and action. The IEIC is launching its Virtual Summit Series of exclusive talks and panel discussions revolving around the current underlying need to diversify, strengthen, and prepare our Internet infrastructure for times of crisis as well as growth in fortifying regional economies and their enhanced participation in the Digital Economy.

Each event will feature a live 20 minute keynote address from a recognized industry leader, followed by a 40 minute panel discussion with participating CEOs, CTOs, and COOs from industry giants such as Google, Ford Motor Company, Cigna, Uber, Telia Carrier, CenturyLink, Telxius, Ciena, Blade, Freddie Mac, Virginia Commonwealth University, Henrico County and others. Vinay Nagpal, President of InterGlobix, will act as emcee for each event.

Summit Series I, June 2, 2:00PM EDT – How Resilient is Internet Infrastructure?

Keynote and Moderator: Dr. Vint Cerf, Google Chief Internet Evangelist

Panelists: Andrew Dugan, CTO CenturyLink; Jason Black, Head of Global Network Infrastructure UBER; Staffan Göjeryd, CEO Telia Carrier; Steve Alexander, CTO Ciena; Ivo Ivanov, COO DE-CIX; Jeff Lemmer, CIO Ford Motor Company, Vinay Kanitkar, CTO Akamai

Vint Cerf, Google Chief Internet Evangelist and co-Founder of the Internet, will deliver a keynote address looking at how a series of tubes became the “World Wide Web.” Following his talk, Vint will lead a panel that examines Internet resiliency and questions such as: How was the Internet designed and how is it responding to the accelerated demand and evolving needs of today’s users? If it can withstand the current test, will it withstand the next test with consumption rising exponentially year over year, and who is watching over all the pieces and parts in their entirety?

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Summit Series II, June 23, 2:00PM EDT – Digitizing Enterprises

Keynote and Moderator: Dr. Ken Washington, Chief Technology Officer, Ford Motor Company

Panelists: Rafael Arranz; COO Telxius; Mark Boxer, CIO Cigna (ret.);  Asher Kagan, CEO Blade; Frank Nazzaro, CIO Freddie Mac; Krishna Narayanaswamy, Founder and CTO Netskope

Dr. Washington, Ford Motor Company’s Chief Technology Officer will address how the world’s leading enterprises integrate technology and digitization into their business models. This will be followed by a panel discussion looking at the changes that are taking place during this uncertain time and which of them will find their way into the future as more efficient means to conduct business.

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Summit Series III, July 23, 2:00PM EDT – Preparation in the Public Sector

Keynote and Moderator: Clint Heiden, IEIC Founder

Panelists: Jon Greaves, CTO QTS Data Centers; Anthony Romanello, Executive Director Henrico Economic Development Authority; Dr. Barbara Boyen, Dean VCU School of Engineering; Vinay Nagpal, President InterGlobix; Josh Levi, President Data Center Coalition

Clint Heiden, Founder of the IEIC, will examine how the public sector is preparing to harness the possibilities for growing Internet infrastructure. His talk will be followed by a panel discussing how institutions of higher education, policy makers, and regional economic development organizations are facilitating opportunity with the Internet. The panel will cover a plethora of topics, including a look at how governments are tailoring programs to entice businesses to deploy in new regions with the goal of energizing local economies as well as how work forces are being cultivated to support that growth.

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“The global pandemic is fundamentally reshaping how we communicate and do business globally,” said Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google, and Honorary Chairman of IEIC. “It’s critical that we, as IT leaders, understand how changes that are taking place are impacting business performance locally and globally and increasing our need for reliability and capacity. The IEIC Virtual Series will be an excellent forum to hear from industry leaders and ask questions to gain greater insight.”

InterGlobix Magazine is the official Media Partner of IEIC 2020 Virtual Summit Series and will be publishing a special article on the Internet’s resiliency with insights from IEIC luminaries in its upcoming Anniversary Issue.

About the Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee

The IEIC is an independent committee that promotes Internet diversity by forming new global Internet nexus points. The mission of IEIC is to partner with communities globally to create new Internet nexus points through public and private partnerships with local municipalities, academia and businesses. The Founding Members of IEIC and Summit Series speakers are industry luminaries from many of the world’s most respected companies and leaders including: Vint Cerf/Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Clint Heiden/QTS (NYSE: QTS), Bank of America, Steve Alexander/Ciena (NYSE: CIEN), Rafael Arranz/Telxius, Jason Black/Uber (NYSE: UBER), Mark Boxer/Cigna (NYSE: CI), Barbara Boyan/Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Andrew Dugan/CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL), Staffan Göjeryd/Telia Carrier (OMX: Telia1), Jon Greaves/QTS (NYSE: QTS), Asher Kagan/Blade, Vinay Kanitkar/Akamai, Michael Leidinger/Hilton (NYSE: HLT), Jeff Lemmer/Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), Josh Levi/Data Center Coalition, Vinay Nagpal/InterGlobix, Frank Nazzaro/ Freddie Mac, and Ken Washington/Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F). For additional information visit:

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