Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC) was established June 2019 as an independent committee with no affiliation or influence to any company nor the concept that the committee has been established to create commercial relationships between the companies.  In regards to commercial arrangements between companies, these situations must strictly follow any guidelines a member company uses to evaluate and select service providers or partners independent of the IEIC committee.  The IEIC is a working committee to benefit the Internet, regional and global communities.

The IEIC will partner with like-minded communities around the world to create new and disparate internet nexus points through partnership with local municipalities, academia and business.  IEIC is not tied to a particular region and the group will look to enable our charter in multiple locales globally.  In each community the IEIC will incubate local chapters to sustain initiatives long-term with a member of the core IEIC acting as a sponsor to assist local chapters with support resources and expertise. Identifying the unique catalysts for the specific areas across different geographies, will be the key for the development and growth.

By utilizing innovation and influence within the IEIC’s collective participants and industries, the IEIC will geographically harden Internet infrastructure ensuring the Internet will continue to stimulate economic development opportunities in communities around the globe propelling the digital economy on a local and global basis.