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Vint Cerf -- Father of the Internet and Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist -- to Keynote IEIC Global NAP Summit 2.0

Join the global leaders of the Digital Infrastructure industry at the second IEIC Summit. The summit will also mark the official opening of DE-CIX Richmond Internet Exchange platform. DE-CIX Richmond reception will be hosted at the end of the summit to celebrate the opening of the world's largest data center and carrier-neutral Internet Exchange in Richmond.

The Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC), in association with the Henrico Economic Development Authority, QTS Data Centers, InterGlobix, and DE-CIX, will meet with global digital infrastructure leaders from public and private sectors in Henrico, VA.

The IEIC’S mission is diversification of the Internet and interconnection ecosystem development.

The IEIC/NAP Summit 2.0, to be held just outside Richmond, VA. November 8, 2022 and will include industry luminaries and world-class speakers who will be sharing their insight on the following key themes:

  • Growth of the Internet Infrastructure and its implications for the economy
  • Internet Ecosystem Decentralization
  • Digital Transformation
  • Subsea Cable Resurgence
  • Enterprise Digitalization (Healthcare, Finance, Automobile, and others)
  • Economic Growth Driven by Digital Infrastructure
  • A Look Ahead to the Future (AI, IoT, Connected Cars, Connected Homes, TeleMedicine)
  • Middle-Mile/Last-Mile Connectivity and Bridging the Digital Divide
NAP summit agenda v.4


This will be an in-person only event.


Special Coverage of IEIC/NAP Summit 2.0 Coming Up In InterGlobix Magazine