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Like most events and public gatherings in the age of COVID-19, the Richmond NAP Summit has been postponed in an effort to preserve the wellbeing of its attendees. Similar measures have given way to broadly adopted remote working accommodations, abundant video conferencing, and ever-essential content streaming services. As we’ve all come to rely on the Internet for productivity and entertainment during this time of uncertainty and social distancing, it is important, now more than ever, that we pause to take inventory of what the Internet is and the impact it can have on our future.

The Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC) has recognized the exponential increase in bandwidth utilization over that past few weeks as a unique opportunity for reflection, education, and action. As a result, the IEIC is launching a new series of exclusive talks and panel discussions revolving around the current underlying need to diversify, strengthen, and prepare our Internet infrastructure for times of crisis as well as its growth in fortifying regional economies and their bolstered participation in the Digital Economy.

The IEIC is led by the most influential leaders in their respective industries - Internet infrastructure, gaming, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, education, government, and SaaS companies

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•40 Minute Panel Discussion
•Live and Prepared Questions

Lessons Learned from COVID-19 and What Could be Next?


How was the Internet designed
and how is it responding to the
accelerated demand and evolving
needs of today’s users? If it can
withstand the current test, will
it withstand the next test with
consumption rising exponentially year
over year and who is watching over all
the pieces and parts in their entirety?
Vint Cerf, “Father of the Internet”

How Resilient is Internet Infrastructure?


We discuss how the
Internet performed and how the
industry responded (and continues
to respond) during this pandemic.
Vint Cerf, “Father of the Internet”

Digitizing Enterprises


How do the world’s cutting- edge
enterprises integrate technology
and digitization into their business
models? What changes learned
from this time period will find
their way into the future as more
efficient means of doing business?
Ken Washington, CTO of Ford
Sponsored by QTS Data Centers
Ken Washington

Preparation in the Public Sector

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How are higher education institutions
and policy makers are facilitating
opportunity with the Internet? How
are governments tailoring programs
to entice businesses to deploy in new
regions with the goal of energizing
local economies and at the same time
creating a more resilient Internet
with more geographically located
interconnection hubs.
Clint Heiden, IEIC Founder