Dr. Vint Cerf to Deliver Keynote Addressfor IEIC Virtual Summit Series Event I

Co-Founder of the Internet to lead panel examining resiliency of the current Internet core infrastructure as we transition to a global digital economy

ASHBURN, VA (June 1, 2020) The Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC), an independent committee that promotes internet diversity and resilience through the formation of new global internet nexus points, today announced that Dr. Vint Cerf, Google Chief Internet Evangelist and co-Founder of the Internet, will deliver the keynote address at the IEIC Virtual Summit Series Event I on Tuesday, June 2 at 2:00 pm ET.    

The three part Virtual Summit Series will address key considerations for enterprise and government leaders in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic that is reshaping our society into a global remote workforce. As we have all come to rely on the Internet for productivity and entertainment during this time of uncertainty and social distancing, it is important, now more than ever, that we pause to take inventory of the current status of the Internet and what it can be.

Summit Series Event I is titled “How Resilient is Internet Infrastructure?” Cerf’s live 20 minute keynote will evaluate the evolution of the Internet followed by a 40 minute panel discussion with participating CEOs, CTOs, and COOs. It will address questions such as: How was the Internet designed and how is it responding to the accelerated demand and evolving needs of today’s users? If it can withstand the current test, will it withstand the next test with consumption rising exponentially year over year and who is watching over all the pieces and parts in their entirety?

Panelists for Summit Series Event I include: Andrew Dugan, CTO CenturyLink; Staffan Göjeryd, CEO Telia Carrier; Steve Alexander, CTO Ciena; Dr. Jason Black; Head of Global Network Infrastructure UBER; Ivo Ivanov, COO DE_CIX; Jeff Lemmer, CIO Ford Motor Company, and Vinay Kanitkar, CTO Akamai.

The mission of IEIC is to advocate for a more diverse and resilient Internet as we transition to a digital economy. The Internet requires networks to exchange traffic (peering points) and since the advent of the Internet, these peering points have largely been concentrated in a relatively small number of buildings where networks are concentrated. The reliance on a limited number of peering locations creates risk and limits opportunity for more communities to participate in the Internet’s growth and economic potential.

Large internet business models are acutely aware of the limitations and dependency on Internet exchange points which are critical to their success. The IEIC’s mission is to collaborate with communities globally to create new internet nexus points through partnership with local municipalities, academia and businesses. 

“The IEIC Virtual Summit Series will address technology issues that affect us all globally,” Cerf said. “There are key changes to the core infrastructure of the Internet that must be made if we are to successfully transform and reap the benefits of the new digital economy now taking shape.”

“Vint Cerf understands the strengths and limitations of the Internet better than anyone on the planet,” said Clint Heiden, Founder of the IEIC and Chief Revenue Officer of QTS. “His guidance and opinions are highly valued, making this Summit Event an exceptional gathering of technology visionaries all focused on increasing resiliency and reducing business risk.”

Summit Series Event II will be held June 23 at 2:00PM EDT. Titled, Digitizing Enterprises, the keynote will be delivered by Dr. Ken Washington, Chief Technology Officer, Ford Motor Company. Washington will address how the world’s leading enterprises integrate technology and digitization into their business models followed by a panel discussion.

Summit Series Event III will be held July 23 at 2:00PM EDT. Titled Preparation in the Public Sector, the keynote will be delivered by Clint Heiden. Heiden will examine how the public sector is preparing to harness the possibilities for growing Internet infrastructure, followed by a panel discussion.

InterGlobix Magazine is the official Media Partner of IEIC 2020 Virtual Summit Series and will be publishing a special article on the Internet’s resiliency with insights from IEIC luminaries in its upcoming Anniversary Issue.