The Amsterdam Effect you didn’t read

Recently, Ashburn suffered a 6-hour outage when two peering nodes failed causing widespread outage of popular websites impacting businesses as far away as Germany.  This happened because diversity is also not prevalent in Metro regions where operators are unwilling to work with the general data center community for the good of the Internet and ensure that metro redundancy is fostered and demanded.  Hitting the easy button on colo with a few tenured operators (many times only 1 – scary) wh0 place more importance on what’s in their data center vs. offering customers of other operators the ability to connect to ecosystems has devasting effects globally. To be fair, this connectivity is not banned, it’s simply taxed at rates that destroy company economic models, hinder innovation and stagnate end-user adoption and slow the economy.  So again, I ask you to read The Amsterdam Effectand voice your concern over the tactics being pushed by a few bad-actors to rely on only a few global sites owned by a very few operators (theirs) that have no regard for customer impact, but rather focus on Walls Street’s desire to see quarter over quarter increases while being blind to the long-term health of the Global economy and the speed at which innovation is introduced.  Creation of NAPS, development of new technical hub regions/geographies and a strong voice from the enterprise community and municipalities is an important step towards reversing this trend and it needs to happen and in mass.

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