International Telecoms Week (ITW) Recap

International Telecoms Weeks (ITW) was recently held in Atlanta — June 23-26, 2019

IEIC Committee Members who attended ITW:

•Vinay Nagpal

•Clint Heiden

•Rafael Arranz

•Steve Alexander

ITW was attended by 7000+ delegates from 2000+ companies / 140 countries; all of whom received IEIC announcement sent by the organizers of the conference

ITW attendees include companies from data center, subsea fiber, terrestrial fiber and enterprise sectors

Feedback from ITW:

•Curiosity from the industry about IEIC

•Few delegates expressed interest in joining IEIC

•Potential for IEIC to benefit other regions in the world such as—Eemshaven, Netherlands; Esbjerg, Denmark; Recife, Brazil.